The world’s leading rental software company, Point of Rental Software provides premier tools to manage inventory in the equipment, event, portable sanitation, tool, recreational, and specialty rental verticals.

Point of Rental unites more than 5,000 rental businesses worldwide with its four award-winning products and a global team providing assistance from offices in the U.S., U.K., Australia, South Africa, and Germany.


We chose to work with SGE because they share our values and our vision for Point of Rental. They’re a partner that lets you run your business while providing insight, resources, and expertise in their fields of excellence. And that allows us to succeed in ours.

  • Supported scaling of the senior leadership team: SVP of Global Finance and SVP of Customer Experience
  • Refined growth strategy for existing customers as well as establishing account-based marketing
  • Improved strategic planning and execution by working with the leadership team to implement board reporting templates, KPIs, and cadence
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