Jeff Rambharack

I've shipped two high growth products and hope they grow into kind and curious adults. I also like to make software for small businesses that do impactful work.

Jeff leads the Product Org at Pixieset, which includes Product Management and Product Design. His focus at this stage of his career has been high-growth vertical SaaS that helps to transform how SMBs do their work.

Prior to Pixieset, Jeff led the core product and payments at Clio, the leading vertical SaaS platform for lawyers. Over his career he has also worked as a PM on the AWS team at Amazon and on the PowerPoint team at Microsoft in addition to several startups.

Jeff graduated from the Systems Design Engineering program at the University of Waterloo and is based in rainy yet mountainous/coastal/beautiful Vancouver. He's generally happiest roughhousing with his two sons, traveling with a camera, or playing unanimously uncool music on the guitar.