Sergei Dubograev

Husband and Father of 3, Hokie Grad, Tech and Product Enthusiast, Hockey player and avid sports card collector

As a seasoned product and technology executive, I'm committed to aligning technology solutions with organizational strategy. Before my current role as Vice President of Development at, I was the CEO and founder of Clowder, the #1 private community application for membership groups, which was acquired by Advanced Solutions International. This experience honed my skills in optimizing technology ecosystems to foster growth and efficiency and building dynamic, high-performing development teams.

At, my focus is on identifying and implementing innovative solutions, managing the development and data teams to align with company goals and build some really cool things. A significant part of my role involves staying ahead in the rapidly evolving tech landscape, particularly in the realm of AI.

Away from the professional sphere, I live in Northern Virginia with my wife and our three children. In my personal time, I'm an avid hockey player, participating in competitive leagues. I also enjoy attending Hokie and Commander games and might put too much emotion into their successes and failures.