Dave Tarbox

Husband, uncle, technologist, traveler, skier, and dog lover, currently suffering without a four-legged friend.

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Dave is an advisor to Susquehanna and advises portfolio companies on their payment strategies. For the last 22 years, Dave has been focused on the payment space, starting in 2001 when he was one of 12 founders of Litle & Co., building a new payment processor from the ground up focused on the needs of online merchants. Over the next 11 years, Dave led the engineering functions and, working with the rest of the team, grew the company, successfully selling it to Vantiv in 2012. Dave stayed with Vantiv over the next 11 years, moving and growing through multiple acquisitions, resulting in Dave leading all payments acquiring development for Worldpay, a $4B in revenue division of FIS growing at 15% with a global customer base. In that role, Dave led engineering for 8 different payment platforms, leading a team of 3500 with strategic development locations in five different countries on four continents.

Dave has been involved in multiple transactions on both the buy and sell side. This includes the early diligence phases as well as post-transaction, working to integrate systems and, more importantly, to integrate cultures and teams. He has experience both as the acquiring leader and as the acquired leader building critical skills to ensure that acquisitions deliver on the value proposition.

Recently Dave has joined the board of Onbe, a corporate payouts gateway that manages and modernizes engaging, customizable consumer and workforce payments.
Dave is a native of the Boston area, and while he spent multiple years in the Chicago area, New Jersey, and London, the Boston area is where you’ll find him, close to family and friends.

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