Frisbee amateur, lover of baby carrots, and aspiring influencer @stout_like_the_beer on Instagram.

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Stout was born on a ranch in Northern California during the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite airline closures, his mom flew from Miami to San Francisco to pick him up. It was love at first sight! She decided to name him after a beer. Stout left his future of herding sheep behind and embarked on a new life, where he would be very spoiled and learn to play frisbee instead.

He enjoyed the rest of the pandemic in Miami, where he flaunted his luscious coat around Brickell Key and enjoyed boat days. Big change was in store for Stout when his mom relocated to join SGE in Philadelphia. The city noises are still overwhelming, so Stout prefers being carried in a bag.

In response to his mom explaining that “he lives rent-free and hasn’t applied for a single job,” Stout joined Susquehanna as SVP of Pup-lick Relations. In this role, he closely supervises Lauren and the rest of the talent team on branding, LinkedIn content, and networking (for more belly rubs).

You’ll catch him spending some days during the week working at ZenQMS, SGE’s dog-friendly portfolio company, where he supervises Panos and the team on important growth initiatives, including office dog treat selection.

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